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The elderly members at our homes can often be heard talking about the peaceful life and the tasty food they used to relish. Ever pondered what makes those days so much better and their food so superior?
This fast-paced life is costing us much more than sound sleep. While most of us are slowly moving towards a conscious and happier life, it is time to take some conscious steps towards the food we intake. For, the current methods with technical and artificial supplements in the food chain are leading us to harmful impacts that will cost lives for generations to come.
Through our platform Farm To Fellas, we want you to experience life and meals with nature. Consume food that is grown with the perfect combination of age-old and advanced techniques and is processed using traditional techniques that help to retain the maximum nutrients of the food and impart a natural taste to it. Moreover, through our platform we not only aim to provide you with the ‘Real’ food but also be that ‘Fair’ platform for the hard working farmers who, literally, exhaust their sweat and blood to grow the right food for you.
Unlike the practices by most of the companies, wherein the customer has no idea as to where exactly his food is coming from, we have taken a step forward to answer all these questions. Most of our raw material is cultivated in our own farms by employing small farmers. This ensures that the raw material is 100% pure and natural. The raw material is then processed at our own facility which employs most of the traditional techniques that engage man hours rather than machine hours and hence generates employment opportunities for the villagers. The products are then hygienically packed and delivered to your doorsteps


About the Founder

                                                         An engineering graduate from IIT Guwahati, Saanwra is a career-oriented                                                                     person. He comes with experience in project management roles, possesses                                                                   great leadership skills, and knows how to arrive at results with limited                                                                           resources. Having experienced life in cities such as Tokyo, Delhi, Jaipur and                                                                  Guwahati, Saanwra decided to get back to his roots and work to empower the                                      farmers of India and organize the unorganized agricultural sector. 

                                                         He comes from an agricultural background and has  seen the life of farmers                                                                 closely enough to understand the hardships faced by farmers all across India.                                                               With Farm To Fellas, he aims to compensate the farmers with a fair price for                                                                 their produce and to reduce the number of mediators between a farmer and                                                               end consumer. 

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