• Saanwra Khod

Know your ghee: Bilona vs Cream

Ghee holds a sacred place in Indian culture. The ancient Vedas call ghee the ‘first and the

most essential of all foods’, and quite rightly so. With a wide array of varieties existing in the

market with even wider ranging prices, it becomes more important to understand the

differences between them and what goes into making a perfect jar of this auspicious


Largely, there are two variants of ghee existing in the markets, based on the process used to

make them. The first and the more convenient one is ghee made using milk cream. On letting

whole milk stand for a while, cream or milk fat rises and floats on the top. This cream on

churning uni-directionally yields butter which is then heated to procure ghee.

The second method is the traditional Vedic method, commonly termed as the Bilona method.

This technique requires an extensive amount of milk, hard work, time and patience – all of

which work together to yield ghee which is worth its weight in gold. Fresh milk is first heated

and then inoculated to ferment into curd. This set curd is then churned bi-directionally with

utmost persistence to separate butter from buttermilk. Heating this butter slowly forms ghee

which is replete with all the goodness this superfood possesses.

Making a litre of ghee using the bilona method is a slow and tedious process, demanding

around 20-30 litres of milk, thereby making it more expensive than ghee made from cream.

This process makes ghee easier to digest and enables more retention of nutrients such as

omega 3 fatty acids, more MUFA, higher levels of DHA, fat soluble vitamins and

antioxidants when compared to ghee made with cream. It does wonders for raising immunity

and increasing body’s resistance to infections. Additionally, bilona ghee helps regulate

cholesterol and aids in controlling sugar spikes.

As is evident, ghee made the traditional way has a healing effect on one’s body in ways that

exceeds modern medicine. It is a time-tested remedy for the various stresses of the body as

testified by the Ancient Ayurvedic system and has historically occupied a position of

auspiciousness in Indian culture and heritage. So, when you choose our Ghee, you can be rest

assured that it preserved all it’s natural goodness and is lovingly prepared, giving this sacred

product the respect it duly deserves.

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