Farm To Fellas brings to you traditionally processed and cow ghee. Our ghee has been prepared by the traditional bilona method. The bilona churning method has been used since ancient times and is said to have ayurvedic properties that help in boosting immunity. 

With the aim of providing 100% pure and unadulterated food products to the consumers, Farm To Fellas envisions welfare of its dairy farmers. The hardworking manpower is provided with the fair price for its produce. Under the guidance of highly experienced dairy farmers, milk is processed using the traditional bilona churning method to extract 100% pure cow ghee which is loaded with vedic properties. 

Cultured Cow Ghee (500 ml)

  • Farm To Fellas’ cultured cow ghee is made using pure cow milk. The milk is sourced from small cattle owners in villages of Haryana. The milk is then processed to make curd which is then churned to make makhan. The makhan produced is then heated on slow flame to yield pure and nutrient dense ghee. It takes around 20 litres of cow milk to make 1 litre of pure ghee. 

     Staying close to its roots, Farm To Fellas follows traditional and healthier practices of processing food as it helps to retain the maximum nutrients of food.

  • Ghee prepared using the traditional bilona method has been considered as an ayurvedic aushadhi for ages. Some of the benefits of incorporating 100% pure cultured cow ghee are:

    • Helps to reduce weight

    • Helps to improve immunity

    • Helps to improve digestion

    • Improves skin health 

    • Improves heart health 


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