Farm To Fellas brings to you Pearl Millet flour, prepared with utmost care and quality so that you and your family get the best of health and nutrients. Our Pearl Millet flour is prepared using the heirloom variety of Bajra which is sweeter in taste and is more nutritious. Further, the dough made is softer and has a distinguished natural taste and smell. 

The colour and texture of our flour is a testimony of the purity of Farm To Fellas’ offerings. 

With the aim of providing 100% pure and unadulterated food products to the consumers, Farm To Fellas envisions welfare of its farmers. The hardworking manpower is provided with the fair price for its produce. Under the guidance of highly experienced farmers, the produce is processed using traditional methods with 0% preservatives.  

Desi Bajri ka Atta (1 Kg)

  • Farm To Fellas’ Pearl Millet flour is grinded using the heirloom variety of Bajra. These grains are sweeter in taste, compared to the commonly available pearl millet, and are dark yellow to brownish in colour. The flour is produced using the traditional stone milling machine (i.e. chakki) from the grains grown under strict supervision. The traditional process of grinding is slower but helps in keeping nutrients of the pearl millet intact. Staying close to its roots, Farm To Fellas follows traditional and healthier practices of processing food.

  • Pearl Millet flour is a staple food ingredient in majority of the Indian households especially during winters. Hence, the quality, properties and nutrient content of the flour one consumes is crucial. Farm To Fellas brings to you pearl millet flour which has been prepared with utmost care and supervision so that you and your family get the best of health and nutrients. The traditional technique of grinding pearl millet as received from the farm intact fibres and other nutrients essential to keep your digestive system strong.

    Below are some of the health benefits of consuming 100% natural and heirloom pearl millet flour:

    • High in protein: One of the best sources for plant-based protein, as it contains almost 14% protein and hence becomes the best source of proteins among millets.

    • Good for diabetics: Bajra is rich in magnesium which improves insulin response and hence is beneficial for people suffering from diabetes.  

    • Lowers cholesterol: Being high in fibre, Bajra reduces bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases the effects of good cholesterol (HDL). 

    • Gluten free


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