Farm To Fellas brings to you Pearl Millet porridge, prepared from our heirloom variety of Bajra which is sweeter in taste and is more nutritious. This porridge enables you to get all the goodness of this amazing millet in one place. Pearl Millet or bajra is a staple food ingredient in the majority of the Indian households especially during winters. The porridge is processed using the traditional stone milling machine (i.e. chakki) from the grains grown under strict supervision which helps in keeping nutrients of the pearl millet intact.

We at Farm to Fellas, take immense pride in being a part of the very few people aimed at bringing the experience of pure, hygienic and responsibly procured products from our farms to your dining tables. Our unyielding commitment to using traditional techniques boasts of the hard work put in by our dedicated farmers and villagers, especially rural women, rather than the mechanically processed items that fill the shelves of markets today. Our efforts are directed towards empowering the ones growing our food and ensuring they get a fair price for their relentless toil.

Desi Bajri Ka Daliya

1 Kilogram
  • Farm To Fellas’ Pearl Millet porridge is prepared by grinding our heirloom variety of Bajra. These grains are sweeter in taste, compared to the commonly available pearl millet, and are dark yellow to brownish in colour. The porridge is produced using the traditional stone milling machine (i.e. chakki) from the grains grown under strict supervision. Hand pounding grains requires patience, time and a lot of hard work but it enables the final product to retain the maximum amount of nutrients so you and your family avail the best of what we have to offer. We believe in staying close to our roots and using tools to help our hands and not machines to replace them.

    This ‘bajre ka daliya’ is a part of Farm to Fellas’ efforts to revive traditional grains and recipes in our diet that have lost their place on our tables with time.

  • Bajra or pearl millet is one of the most nutritious millets grown in the country. The traditional technique of grinding pearl millet as received from the farm ensures that fibres remain intact and other nutrients are retained.

    Below are some of the health benefits of consuming 100% natural and heirloom pearl millet porridge:

    -        Rich source of plant-based protein and energy

    -        Good source of insoluble fibre keeping constipation at bay

    -        Soluble fibre present reduces levels of LDL (bad cholesterol) and improves the levels of HDL (good cholesterol)

    -        Gluten free: suitable for those suffering from gluten insensitivity

    -        Diabetic friendly: rich source of magnesium that helps in lowering insulin resistance

    -        Heart protective effects: magnesium present helps in improving nerve function and regulating the heart beat


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