There are various varieties of Kabuli Chana available in the market. Our product is the traditional variety of Kabuli Chana which is a desi variety. Our product is untreated and has a natural size and flavour. The product cooked is more raw and has a natural taste. 


With the aim of providing 100% pure and unadulterated food products to the consumers, FarmToFellas envisions welfare of its farmers. The hardworking manpower is provided with the fair price for its produce. Under the guidance of the farmers, the produce is processed using traditional methods with 0% preservatives.  

Kabuli Chana (1 Kg)

  • Kabuli Chana is sourced from the farms and is cleaned and sorted. Unlike the usual practice of processing which alters the natural taste and texture of the Chana, we simply pack the produce without any treatments or addition of artificial products. Hence the end product made by Farm To Fellas’ Kabuli Chana will have a distinguished natural taste and smell. 


Order Value up to INR 500: INR 100

Order Value more than INR 500: FREE SHIPPING

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