Farm to Fellas brings you ‘Yellow moong Dal’, grown fresh in our farms using organic methods of farming. It is completely unpolished and is carefully grown, harvested and processed by farmers and rural women using traditional tools and techniques under careful supervision to ensure only the best grains find their way to you. The texture, taste and colour of the dal is a testimony to our promise of giving you only the purest and an uncompromised experience. The natural variation in the size of pulses impart a distinguished taste and texture to the cooked dal.  

We at Farm to Fellas, take immense pride in being a part of the very few people aimed at bringing the experience of pure, hygienic and responsibly procured products from our farms to your dining tables. Our unyielding commitment to using traditional techniques boasts of the hard work put in by our dedicated farmers and villagers, especially rural women, rather than the mechanically processed items that fill the shelves of markets today. Our efforts are directed towards empowering the ones growing our food and ensuring they get a fair price for their relentless toil.

Moong Dal

1 Kilogram
  • Yellow moong dal is prepared by processing mung beans which is alternatively known as green gram or moong. They are freshly sourced directly from our fields and are then washed. The healthy beans are segregated and then processed to split into two using traditional stone grinding tools and techniques. The green outer covering of the beans is then removed by soaking in water. This process loosens the covering which is then removed to obtain yellow moong dal. Hand pounding requires patience, time and a lot of hard work but it enables the final product to retain the maximum amount of nutrients so you and your family avail the best of what we have to offer. We believe in staying close to our roots and using tools to help our hands and not machines to replace them.


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